Our Promise

Our firm prides itself on providing unparalleled work exclusively in US and Canadian Immigration Law. We handle clients from all over the world coming to Canada and the U.S.

Our priorities:

  • Strong, trustworthy relationships with our clients.
  • Prompt and efficient delivery of services.
  • Quick response to your questions and concerns.
  • Clear understanding of your immigration needs and goals.

To achieve these ends we will meet with you personally in your offices to learn about you and your business in order to successfully strategize and navigate the immigration process.

Segal Immigration Law focuses exclusively on US and Canadian immigration law. We understand that getting yourself or your people to where you, or they need to be, easily and stress free, is your highest priority. We assist individuals and companies with every step of the immigration process including:

  • Strategizing the best work permit and visa types for an individual or business, in consideration of both long and short term goals.
  • Finding short term avenues to reach the most expedient and cost effective path to success.
  • Long term planning for permanent residence and/or citizenship.
  • Working with business in planning for immediate and future immigration resolutions.
  • Assessing risks and benefits to all aspects in immigration applications.
  • Problem solving issues that companies and individuals face in the immigration bureaucracy quagmire.

In particular, we offer full range of US and Canadian advice to successfully obtain temporary work permits, permanent residence, citizenship, waivers of inadmissibility or temporary resident permits and rehabilitation, student permits, spousal work permits.